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FITforeGOLF™ - The Fitness Advantage

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The popularity of golf has led to an increased understanding of the game. It has also led to an explosion in equipment refinement and innovation. While good equipment can enhance performance, the human body still has to swing the club. Many parts of the body perform at maximum intensity during the execution of the golf swing. These movements are repeated over the course of several hours and interspersed with several kilometers of walking. Clearly, the better the body can cope with some of the physical requirements of golf, the better the performance.
Fitness is not something that can transform an everyday player into a winner, you still have to execute the shots…. but fitness can be that critical ingredient that helps put someone above the rest.

There are many different elements which contribute to a healthy level of fitness. These include an efficient cardio-vascular system, good core stability, and an optimal balance of muscle strength, joint flexibility, speed and coordination.Although we all posses a certain level of fitness, we are typically not aware of its presence. This is particularly true for golfers. Fortunately there are solutions.

Fitness can easily be improved in virtually all of us and it doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership to do it. All it takes is the right information and guidance...FITforeGOLF™ incorporates the latest scientific research into everything we do. The fitness exercises shown in this section are designed to help golfers stay healthy and play better.

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