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FITforeGOLF™ Public Experience

We are currently organizing our teaching schedule for 2020 so please check back soon for upcoming dates, times and locations.

The FITforeGOLF™ Interactive Experience starts with a team of highly experienced and respected medical researchers and golf professionals.  By combining their talents they have produced a unique and highly acclaimed program filled with relevant and practical golf fitness, health and performance information incorporating up to the minute developments in science and sport medicine. 

The FITforeGOLF™ Interactive Experience is all about looking after the most important piece of golf equipment – You!

This Interactive program starts with a highly entertaining seminar and can expand to include exercise workshops, driving range instruction and full golf outings. 

The FITforeGOLF™ interactive seminar covers topics such as:

  • How science is contributing to a better understanding of the perfect golf swing.

  • Turning back the negative influence of aging on golf performance.

  • Improving posture and decreasing pain when playing.

  • Developing quick, simple and effective personalized fitness programs to enhance performance.

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