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RESEARCH – The essence of FITforeGOLF

One of the key components of FITforeGOLF™ is the integration of scientific research into the educational programs delivered by our company.


FITforeGOLF™ co-founder David Lindsay is heavily involved in medical research at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre and has published numerous golf research studies in a variety of prestigious international medical journals.

While David's published papers are directed more at scientists, they are reasonably easy to read by anyone interested in finding out more about how the body behaves when swinging a golf club.  Several of David's research papers are available here (see below) for download - free of charge.

It is important to acknowledge that several other golf researchers have assisted David & Dean with these studies, including

Dr Tony Vandervoort from the University of Western Ontario, Theo Versteegh also from UWO and John Horton from the University of Calgary.

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