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Golf Injuries really do happen...


A PGA player’s golf swing looks so effortless that it is easy to think no one can get hurt playing golf.  However, hitting a golf ball several hundred yards requires many body parts to be moving at maximum speed and through maximum ranges of motion.  Although the motion doesn’t last long, it is extremely powerful and creates tremendous force on muscles and joints.  In a round of golf, these forces are repeated hundreds of times in practice and ‘real’ swings.


Research shows that golf injuries occur surprisingly often.  In fact 50 per cent of all players will suffer a golf-related injury and about half of these golf injuries will become chronic, meaning they drag on and sometimes never fully go away.  Of course, the best solution to the problem of golf injuries is to avoid them in the first place.  Preventing injury requires a combination of common sense, reasonable fitness, a decent warm-up and proper technique.


The fitness section of this website demonstrates an appropriate warm-up for golf as well as a couple of very helpful strength exercises to help with performance as well as injury prevention.  If you already have an injury that started or is aggravated by golf, see a sport medicine doctor or physiotherapist who understands how golf affects the body and is experienced in treating golf injuries.  A list of Clinics with special interest in treating injured golfers will be listed on our site soon.

With proper care golfers can lower the risk of injury, hopefully saving unnecessary pain, frustration and time away from the course.  Golf injuries really do happen!

Need Treatment for a Golf Injury?
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