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FITforeGOLF™ Educational Programs for PGA Professionals

We are currently organizing our teaching schedule for 2020 so please check back soon for upcoming dates, times and locations.

FITforeGOLF™ has been conducting continuing education seminars to PGA audiences since 1996.


These seminars are geared towards PGA teaching professionals seeking to learn more about the true science and biomechanics of the golf swing and how to add valuable fitness curriculum to their teaching programs. The course material is based on a complete review of the scientific and medical literature, including the published work of one of North America’s foremost golf health researchers, David Lindsay PT MSc. Not only is the content leading edge, it is presented in a fun, practical and systematic way.


Examples of material covered:

  • How different parts of the body create clubhead speed and how this varies between players of different skill or fitness abilities.

  • Groundbreaking golf-specific medical research dealing with back pain in golf.

  • How ageing affects performance amongst senior players.

  • How to adapt teaching methods when dealing with senior or injured golfers

  • Developing simple and effective stretching, strengthening and injury prevention programs for golfers.

  • How to add valuable curriculum to their teaching program.

A PDF version of the Academic Programs for the Full Day, 1/2 Day and 2 Hour PGA seminar is available for download below:

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